Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hidden Treasures

Speaking of HELL (well, the hellish nightmares that I wrote about in my last post)... 

I was fortunate to see this heavenly exhibit of folk art at the Smithsonian's American Art Museum where I saw different works by familiar folk artists and by artists whose names I'd not yet come across in my explorations of self-taught art.

I don't remember previously seeing the work of Leroy Almon, Sr (pictured here) but certainly was happy 




                              to see a piece by Mose Tolliver...

      and a group of paintings by the defies-MY-view-of-an-ordinary-visionary — THE Howard Finster...

Below are a few Howard Finsters I saw at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art July 2013...

The Reverend Finster was in a universe of his own and he chose to show us his universe through his art.  
This is the same for all the self-taught artists who strive to create — despite hardship, socio-economic conditions, geographic place, emotional state.  

 Bottlecap Giraffe

Unidentified Artist

Marla...Irving Dominick

Tiger, Baboon, and Gorilla by Felix (Felipe) Archuleta

Untitled (Coyote and Turtle)
Unidentified Artist

Just like all the others — this museum visit enriched and filled me with the talent and creativity of those individuals who are our hidden treasures.  

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