Thursday, July 3, 2014

My New York Adventure - Part 1

I went to New York to take care of business: family, personal, and other.  I planned to take advantage of all the city has to offer but there's a catch: I'm on a strict budget.  So each day I went to a different museum that was free or pay-what-you-wish.  

On Friday, at Grand Central way back in the Stationmaster's Passage, I saw a charming exhibit of large quilt squares celebrating the centennial of Grand Central Station.

I wish you could see them all...

Next I traveled crosstown to Lincoln Center and the American Folk Art Museum

with its incredible exhibit of treasures...forgive that these shots are not the best but I believe the brilliance of the art will shine through...


Artist Unidentified

On Saturday, the Guggenheim for a look at the Italian Futurists and their vision of the world ahead...

Ardengo Soffici

Gino Severini

Mario Chiattone

But then I was politely told NO photos, please!  Still, photos were allowed in another exhibit Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today and there were some fascinating and provocative things...

including a pair of electric fans saying "Yes/No" Artist: Wilfredo Prieto

or this Calder-esque mobile of cymbals, complete with Timpani sticks for passersby to strike them...  "We'll See How Everything Reverberates"  Artist: Carlos Amorales

Well, this is just a smattering of what I saw  next time I'll share more...

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  1. These are great! I especially like the silhouette of the man & woman in the second quilt, the water color of Walter Chandler, the Rothloff bed, and the fans. Thanks so much.