Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My New York Adventure - The Grand Finale

My Manhattan experience was rich for the places I explored but, museums or not

  New York IS art  

from the outdoor sculptures in parks 

to the buildings themselves  
and their ornamentation, inside and out...

(even the bathrooms!)

or the magnificent (or mundane) murals that surprise you

to the call from El Museo del Barrio 

to have its neighbors share their art  and what great treasures they shared!

(I know it's hard to read but these are these "charms" are the ten commandments)


including this one-of-a-kind thrift-store chair that screams 

to the tremendous art one can find in any thrift store (though Housing Works shops are my special favorites and I bought this etching with the money my daughter gave me for Mother's Day)

                     YOU GOTTA HAVE ART!!    

...And finally to the unique and wearable art created by the lovely Irene Kean (?) I met (quite appropriately) in the American Folk Art Museum during one of my adventures.  

THE FACT IS: It's New York and 
art is all around you...

From New York City Center 

to spectacular Radio City Music Hall 

  let's just admit  I LOVE NEW YORK!

(And I hope you do, too...)


  1. Yes, the art is fantastic and everywhere. Love these pics!

  2. Loved this entire series! You've got a great eye. Thanks.