Sunday, December 16, 2012

That Inner Voice

Life as I knew it is changing rapidly.  Nine to five, I'm backing out of one day-to-day reality and six to one, I'm plunging into another. It's just been over a week since I went public and already I am immersed in what starting a business involves — tax ID#s and LLC or LLP? and a name and letterhead and following up on networking leads and (oh no) possibly yet another email address and creating an invoice and...see what I mean?

Tonight was the big neighborhood holiday potluck which is always great fun with a huge array of food and people laughing and catching up with one another and feeling festive.  Really the perfect place to reconnect, share my news and NETWORK.  And while I had every intention of going, Chris wasn't feeling well and I was so tired that at 7pm when I thought I'd be headed to the party, I was still in my pajamas. I simply couldn't face the barrage of humanity and the questions my news was bound to provoke.  So while I was sorry to miss seeing everyone I was glad I'd stayed in my pajamas and kept chipping away at my list, but still, I felt guilty passing up the opportunity to network.

My friend Susan (the artist, see her magnificent painting in this post) and I were talking about the negative voice that keeps whispering doubt or criticism in our heads.  Do you have one?  Well, she said something really helpful to me — 

"You don't have to attach to a thought."

Hmmm.  While you can't get rid of that voice, you can hear it, but not allow it to dominate and dictate your mood. You don't have to attach yourself to that which doesn't uplift you. 

So while I still missed going, I didn't make myself crazy and I stayed in my pjs.  

What a relief.


  1. i have a friend who calls that negative voice "saboteur". she told me when arthur murray was young he got the courage to ask a girl to dance and she made fun of him and said he was the worst dancer ever. the way he dealt with history.