Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leap and the net will appear

Leap...and the net will appear 

As I get ready to plunge into the work-unknown, I am encouraged by the cheers and good wishes of those I reach out to. 

We don't always get what we want or need from those around us — those we love, those we wish knew us from the inside out.  Still, I am learning to accept that though I might not always get what I (desperately) want for — at this moment in time I am gratefully accepting what is being given.  And I am being given a lot.

Michelle has known me for over twenty years.  For much of that time she has lived far away in Central and South America, we see each other at best, once a year, Sometimes she comes with her family, some times alone. Once I went to Caracas to visit and work.  Our lives go on, our children grow, we grow. When I came home the other day there was this sweet Edible Arrangement waiting for me with the chocolate-covered strawberries and these white chocolate-covered doves cut from slabs of juicy and sweet pineapple — with a card cheering me on.

My husband and kids have been great.  My bosses at work have been understanding. The decision to leave has lifted me — and kept me up til 3 am and wakened me again at 6.  I am going to be on a roller coaster but I have to say, it feels good.

The title of this post came from Teri who has been faithfully sending waves of good karma my way; she said she'd heard or read this phrase and that it might be helpful hear.  It struck me as so positive, so comforting, so reassuring that I said, "WAIT. Say that again so I can write it down. What was that?"    Most of my life — since second grade on — I've been waiting for the roof to cave in, the walls to crumble, and the proverbial shoe to drop.  It is not in my nature to have such faith.  

I Googled it to see the attribution and found this on another blog:

"Although "Leap and the net will appear" is sometimes attributed to an unknown Zen source, it is, in fact, a quote by American naturalist John Burroughs. "

I also found a refrigerator magnet, mouse pad, and coffee mug.

I have my first client.

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