Thursday, December 24, 2015

This Year's Tree

For those of you who wanted to see this year's tree...I am happy to give you a glimpse...

My flying Dutchman, a lovely metal crescent moon with cupid from my college roommate Julie, a yellow taxi cab complete with wreath from Lauren, and in the upper right (not a good shot!) a laser-cut scene of Iowa from dear friends Nicole & Aaron.  The purple sparkly beaded ball I think was from Louise...that little elf I found for 10 cents in a thrift store of course!

There is that wonderful doggie with the halo, that darling cut-out doll girl from Shirley (and it has two companions) and a button boy (truncated head in this shot) from Maria & Dan who host a fabulous Italian-inspired Christmas Eve every year!

The metal boy with the suspenders crossing his back was from Robin very early in our relationship, the birdhouse from good friend Susan here at home, my little tiger from Pottery Barn Outlet decades ago on West 26th St., that fabulous Gramma with her basket (which actually has a teeny, tiny pair of red plastic scissors that  actually open and close but I hide them because I'm worried they'll get lost in the shuffle), that teddy with the 2 was from my mother-in-law when we found out we were expecting twins but they hadn't come in to being yet, and that beautiful blown glass swirl was again from lovely Lauren.

Well the reindeer, thrift store, the Santa with lantern, thrift store.  The desk a great teacher-present and the gingerbread wreath with the boy and girl, again, from our favorite Auntie Barbara to celebrate when we were expecting the twins.

Well the last of the shots (but by no means anywhere near the last of the ornaments!) my darling pull-toy jester whose legs and arms slide up and down, a gorgeous purple crescent moon (I have so many moons) the Hungarian slipper that I think was from my mom, and the wrapped presents from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and there are round hatbox ones too!


Thank you one and all for your love, your support and your wisdom....


  1. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful how ornaments reflect our lives. Merry Merry Christmas Denise...