Saturday, September 5, 2015


I have a thing about CHAIRS.  
but I do find myself intrigued with chairs.  

All kinds of practical and impractical chairs.  

I'm going to share some of my better finds.

This rather austere chair was a 
one-of-a-kind-take-a-seat chair 
I found at the American Folk Art Museum
Doesn't look very comfortable...does it?

This very darling and very cool child's red chair

was sitting pretty at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

Also at the Cooper-Hewitt, one can see this red spaghetti extravaganza, 

that contrasts softly and sharply with the two below  found at the 
Museum of Arts and Design...

Getting off CHAIRS for the moment...
I also saw displayed some pretty spectacular and you could say unusual high-heeled shoes 

These shoes were NOT made for walkin'.

Now back to...

chairs here,
chairs there,
CHAIRS, CHAIRS everywhere.
These deconstructed chairs were ensconced at the Museo del Barrio
 — definitely NOT for sitting.

This splendiferous green & white leather chair 
(at a Housing Works Thrift Shop) 
most assuredly 
made for sitting  
some real cushy seating.

Not cushy at all were these utilitarian and slightly organic seats  awaiting one's tired body 
after an afternoon of walking, walking, walking 
all over Italy.  
Time to take a seat.


Also outdoors 

(but right here in America), 
available for your seating pleasure,

this modern-day regal chair appeared 
on my recent visit to Brookgreen Gardens...

And though this art installation isn't constructed of chairs...
they do count as "seating"  arranged in a most unusual way...
thanks to Ai Wei Wei!

But one of my most favorite chairs  
not in any museum or garden or made by anyone famous  
is a chair I found on the sidewalk in Manhattan, 
tossed out by someone who clearly didn't appreciate the fine curved lines of this beauty.  

I've covered the seat cushion more than once and as you can see, 
it's overdue to be covered again but this chair 
(which I painted teal to match my kitchen when the kids were very small) 
this chair is one you have to sit in 
to truly appreciate its simple but satisfying design...

Even better, 
this chair, 

this find I found 
in the TRASH,
came from afar.

I hope there's a favorite chair within sight of YOU.

If there is, please share your chair with me.