Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Parents, for the most, do the absolute best they can for their children. That is what I believe.  But, often one parent or the other (or God forbid, both) is unable to give what the child needs.  I'm not talking about food, clothing, or shelter.  I'm speaking of love, support, emotional caring.  The loss of this love from a father has far-reaching effects and can create an emotional deficit that is hard to overcome.

One can fill this void with a loving partner or husband and luckily I have the love of a husband who has given me so much to balance out that deficit and, fortunately for our children, IS a loving and giving father…not what my father was able to be to me.

On this day I say, to my husband and all you emotionally giving dads out there…
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and THANK YOU for making the most important difference in your children's lives!
Here's a look back at my dad (and maybe yours too?) If you haven't read these already, I hope you will and you'll have some sense of why I started writing this blog...

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