Monday, January 28, 2013

Matchmaking by Robin

After meeting Robin that first trip we stayed in touch and a few months later she called one day and said she was having that cocktail party and would I come?  I knew it was to meet her brother so I said yes.  

The night of the party I walked the five or six blocks to her and her husband's apartment.  I rang the bell, the door opened, and a tall, sandy-blonde guy said "Hi..."

"Hi, I'm Denise...Robin invited me." 

"OH hi!  I'm Scott, come in!" and I stepped into the entry and we chatted for a few minutes and then Scott led me to join the throng of people. Buried amid the crowd was Robin, smiling, laughing, talking and when she saw me she beamed and started introducing me to her friends. 

"Com'on, I'll introduce you to Scott!" she said grabbing my hand.

"Well I met him when I first came in...and he seems really nice," I told her and I thought he was but I thought — and didn't tell her — he's nice, but he's not for me.

I got a drink and mingled, talked to bunch of people, admired the apartment and then ended up in the hallway indentation that was the kitchen where Robin and Scott were talking while she was refilling food.

"Can I help?"

"No, no — Larry 's helping me," she said as she handed a replenished bowl of chip and dip to Scott.

"Larry?" I asked, "Who's Larry?"

"My husband.  This is Larry — didn't you meet?" she said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Larry?  He said he was Scott.  This isn't Scott?"

Larry was trying to suppress his laughter and not succeeding and Robin — she was so mad that she grabbed something and hit him!  Now it's been so long ago that we can't remember if Robin hit Larry with a dish towel or a frying pan, or if the real Scott was there in the kitchen too, but the jig was up. 

The REAL Scott and I hit it off.  He walked me home that night and from then on we were entwined.  Through our six-year, on-and-off courtship and our twenty-six-year marriage, Robin became a part of my life.  And my life wouldn't be what it is without that Robin-intervention.  Wish I could tell her.


  1. You can still tell her. -D

  2. Of course, she knows! WK

  3. Meant to say in earlier post (challenged by iphone):
    I believe you can still tell Robin - maybe not in the way you had hoped. Knowing you, I'm sure Robin knew how you feel. She saw your love and marriage flourish over the years; that must have been such joy for her.
    Love D.

  4. Of course she knew and we each told her...I should have written "Wish I could tell her again..." Thanks to you both

  5. Robin knew that. I've thought of her all day long.