Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kitchen Art

Though I can't create it, I certainly appreciate it and happily, my life is surrounded by art.  

Looking at a piece of art engages me, fills me, pleasures me.  

While society presses me to question
                                            the acquisition of, 
                                                                     need for, 
                                                                                   interest in,
                                                                                                  obsession with THINGS

I know, I feel what these things give to me and I'm grateful for the joy they bring.
  People can disappoint me — the things I have chosen do not.
This is what I see looking out of my kitchen window.
          And this is what I see to the left...
and this is what I see to the right.

When I walk in to my kitchen, I see beautiful things all around me that draw my eye and pull me in to a place I'm eager to go.  It may be  a place I remember.  It may be someplace I've never been.  It's always entertaining and pleasing to me to see this collection of riches.


Many of my things have been found in thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets. But not all.   The decorative garden signs on the side of my frig, I found in a garden shop (on sale of course) and the leaf magnets they're hanging from I bought years and years and years ago at a huge sample sale that my sister took me to in California.  

The bear and the Wyandotte hen (thank you Hylla!) are finely painted, very thin metal pieces with a tiny hole for hanging. I found a cheap frame with an existing double mat and parked these critters on top, allowing them to step outside their "frames."

Above my stove I have two magnificent linoleum-block prints by the extremely talented Daniel Waters.  I bought this gorgeous pair on Martha's Vineyard in 2011 and the poems he wrote are particularly apropos this time of year. [I hope you can forgive my poor photos and read them.]

I love to cook and what makes cooking even better is being surrounded by all these wonderfully beautiful things in my kitchen — and — I haven't shown you the half of them!  SO...what's on your kitchen walls?

This is what I see 
when I turn around.
More about this collection of 
The American Scene plates next time. 
Miss Liberty is holding The Big Apple.
Next to a state-shaped ashtray of Ohio.     


  1. Wonderful keepsakes, a joy to see the colors and art! I am also taken by your gorgeous view outside window, a slice of nature right there to refresh and inspire your soul in another manner. Very nice!

  2. Well it is because of this "kitchen art tale" that yesterday after reading it -- I went out to the garden & made sure that what my husband sees through our french doors is very pretty -- I moved plants around on the deck so that the flowering ones are by the window -- I placed a whimsical bird close to the window & finally put up 2 hummingbird feeders. My husband is finding himself now sitting in his wheelchair sort of in one spot in the den in a "hospice home-bound" glaze -- but at the very least I can give him a sweet view into the garden to look at as he reviews whatever it is he is thinking about these days....

    All because of you.... LL

    1. Dear LL,

      How wonderfully thoughtful of you to create a beautiful view for him to enjoy...I hope it gives him (and you) pleasure. My thoughts are with you...

  3. I already feel at home in your kitchen, though I've not been there. The out-of-the-frame chicken is a hen, and judging by the artist's choice of pattern, a Wyandotte. Now what can you do with this information?

    1. Well I took that info and updated my post with a nod to you! Thanks for the assist!