Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Journey-1-19-12

First, let me say that this blog has made me so happy...! I began on December 5 and today I hit 1600 “pageviews”— now that’s not individual people, but still, it sounds like a lot to me.  It means that in total my posts have been read 1600 times so I have to say once again, it makes me incredibly happy.

Next, let me say that while I do know who is reading in Canada, Hong Kong, and Chile, I have no clue who is my audience in Russia, Latvia, Brazil, China, Germany, Portugal, Finland and the United Kingdom OR how they found my blog. So whoever you are out there connecting with Tales From Denise James, each and every one of you, THANK YOU. 

Which brings me to saying that part of what's so gratifying is hearing from you and learning what resonates... it's been interesting (and sad) to hear of the number of people who had difficult relationships with their dads. Or had a different problem (alcoholic, absent, abusive) parent...

In response to Madly Magenta, a friend wrote that hot Chinese mustard was put on her thumb to stop her from sucking and perhaps that’s why she now she thinks of Chinese as comfort food! Or another who sucked until 4-5th grade (only at night) and stroked her nose instead of her eyelashes... and my cousin who said, “After I read your blog …….I started sucking my thumb.”

So finally, I know many of you have had issues posting comments...sigh...I DO too when I’m trying to edit posts. I’ve typed below what I think works.  I do hope you will try to comment online (even as Anonymous) because it’s great when others can hear what you have to say as well. It just makes you feel as if you’re connected to this larger universe of shared experiences.  And on some level (well, at least for me), this is about having a voice and being heard...I DO appreciate you all, known and unknown.

How To Comment
If you click on Comments, there should be a box to start typing...type your comment, then select and copy it in case something goes wrong! next you have a choice for Comment as: in the drop down, if you choose Name/URL, you can type your name or initials or whatever.  Then you have to choose Preview or Publish..if you preview you can proof, then when you hit Publish you need to scroll down to see the verification screen which has those wavy letters you type in..then you submit and it should appear.  MANY people are having issues but if you don't get the verification screen then something's not right...


  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts very much, thank-you for sharing the stories of your life. Your courage and generosity of spirit has encouraged me to start a blog of my own.

    1. Thank you so much Selene and glad that you too will venture out...good luck!(and i hope you will email me to tell me where you live and how you found my blog)