Wednesday, December 7, 2011

this journey...

well, i hadn't really known what i was getting into when i started this but i did know that i would be putting myself on the line, exposing what was important and visceral to me, and with luck, connecting to both those i know and those i don't.

so far, some of that has started happening... and surprisingly, this blogging is a bit addictive! ever since i hit that "publish" button monday night i have been checking the site, drawn to post more, seeing if i have any followers or comments.

many of you have been generous with your feedback (sent to my email), but i know i have a long way to go in building this connection as well as learning the mechanics of this venue. do i post comments to all the posts? do i email everyone every time i post? i'll learn, but in this initial stage, please bear with me.

so, if i'm just sharing (as i am now), i'll post in italics with the title "this journey." if it's a piece of my real writing, it will appear as my first post did with a unique title. now i'll try to fulfill my end of the bargain by posting (probably sunday and thursday nights) what i hope will resonate with readers and explore the inside; and for your part, if you are interested in this exploration, then you must sign on to follow and post your thoughts!

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